LIP CARE during THE WINTER PERIOD – there are no balms like Yage balms

LIP - three letters are enough to name the body part that is so powerful. How much love they can whisper, how many times they say painful words that can't be taken back. A kiss, whether from our children, loved ones, parents or friends, is one of the most beautiful things life can offer.

Do you treat your lips with the care they deserve?

Are your lips truly nourished and protected?

Is your lip balm effective? Or could you be using a product that doesn’t work, might even be harmful or even addictive?   

If you are applying your lip balm often, several times a day, and yet your lips are not softer, the problem may be your current balm which can do more harm than good.

In winter, lip care is very important. Our lips are thinner, more sensitive and have no oil glands. They are more vulnerable to the effects of freezing weather and the sudden changes in temperature from outside cold weather to heated rooms. Delicate skin on your lips is in constant struggle against the harsh conditions.

Does your balm contain the best ingredients for your lips?

You should be looking for the following: Paraben free, beeswax, cocoa butter, humectant like honey and urea. Support it with eating fish (omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to keep your skin hydrated), drink water and use sugar to exfoliate dry lips. Why? Sugar's a humectant, meaning it'll attract moisture.

Do you read the ingredients before using the balm? A lot of us will probably say “Not so much“. The letters are tiny and what could be wrong with the balm? We study the texture, smell and colour but not the most important thing: The ingredients! You may be surprised what your lip balm contains. Some ingredients can cause more harm than you actually think. Most lip balms are based on vaseline which derives from oil refining. This could be effective in locking the moisture in, but does not add any moisture nor does nourish the skin.  Moreover, we should not digest it! If you want something better for your lips, go for nourishing butters and oils, in combination with natural beeswax or vegan-acceptable candeline wax, plus healing allantoin. 

YAGE balm was created to not only protect the lips, but also to deeply nourish and heal with every application. It contains ingredients that leave your lips smooth, soft and hydrated. Some Yage balms contain allantoin, which helps to heal wounds and skin irritations, and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue.

A blend of precious oils combined with cocoa, coconut, murumuru and shea butter supplemented with precious baobab, kukui, pomegranate and moringa are a precious treat for your lips. Lips will be pampered with the healing marigold, allantoin and rosehip full of antioxidant properties and vitamin A to promote healthy skin cell renewal and rejuvenation of your lips.

YAGE has prepared a variety of beautiful balms, so that there is one for everyone. We have a selection of vegan balms, based on Candeline wax. All flavours are food certified and essential oils are in accordance with IFRA. All colours are made up of natural clays, oxides and mica. Do you like chocolate? Try our Chocolate Coral, which smells like chocolate and gives your lips a light coral tone.

Do you need proper protection in winter? Go for the combination of honey, allantoin and beeswax.

Or do you prefer pure, vegan, with no flavour or colour? Clean beauty is yours with our Pure lip balm.

Healing myrrh and frankincense will satisfy and protect men's lips. 

Women and young girls can choose a tint for their lips from a variety of colours,ranging from orange coral to a more rich cherry red balsam, all without harmful and toxic colours normally found in lipstick and colored balms. 

Beautiful lips accessorize every face and make life easier and more positive with a smile on your face.

YAGE wishes you many smiles, with our balm to care for your lips, on all days, not just the  frosty ones.