Our products are designed according to Korean skin care traditions. Traditionally in Korea and other Asian counties beautiful and flawless skin is considered very important resulting in one of the most developed system in skin care in the world. Using this as inspiration we have numbered the beauty process of how to use our products so you can benefit from this rich ancient knowledge. It is easy to think of Yage ritual as separated layers, which are applied according to their number. You can also choose and enjoy your favourite product without following all the steps.


Cleaning care No. 0-2: We have 3 steps cleaning phase: No. 0 oil cleaning (dissolving makeup and dirt) followed by No.1 foam cleaning (getting rid of oil residual) and No. 2 face peeling and mask (mask are used only 1-2 times a week).

Balancing and preparation No. 3-4: When skin is clean it is ready for toning with Yage No. 3 toner and No. 4 essence gives skin deep hydration and antioxidant with the multi molecule hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.
Active care No. 5-7: Now skin is prepared to receive the active ingredients and nourishment. No. 5 serum could be used separately on the skin or it could be combined with any face oil No. 6 in your palms to create your own bespoke cream and then applied on skin. No. 7 is reserved for special products like eye oils and spot treatment.
Protection care No. 8-9: Yage veil No. 8 will not only refresh your face during summer but also boost and fortify your skin with antioxidant and natural and lastly No. 9 sun protection BB cream to protect your skin.


Our new individual approach offers unlimited combinations. Combine Yage serum with Yage face oil to create your personal skin care. You can add as much precious oil to create your personal skin care. This way you can design the perfect cream, which respects your skin type. You can play with these endless combinations or you can just use the products as they are. All facial oils preservative free.