Yage inspiration

The right name for our organic natural cosmetics was very easy to find. It came to us without spending hours of thinking about the right name. The word yage conceals the magical power of the Amazon. A yage drink is made by amazonian Indians from the Kofan tribe from the Aguarico river, to which my father took me years ago. Yage is a mysterious force that transmits them to the unearthly world where they are able to recognize the secrets of Mother nature during sacred night of drinking. My father has devoted more than 50 years to the amazonian Indians and amazonian nature with thousands and thousands of endemic plants containing rare oils, dyes, poisons, active substances or hallucinogens. Yage is for native indians, for my father and for me, a symbol of the pure unspoiled nature, the largest tropical jungle on the planet, a reservoir of oxygen and many medicinal plants. Just as yage has the power of clarity, I hope Yage cosmetics will lead people to quality and true natural care.